Our Well Rested Clients

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buddy, kylie, leo & jack

“Our 19-week-old son Jack was a terrible sleeper.

We had tried all sorts of tricks and tips to get him to sleep, however the only method which produced any kind of decent sleep (2 hours maximum!) was getting him to sleep on his front on either of us – not recommended.

This method was not conducive to the sleep needs of the entire family and after 4.5 months of this we had had enough. We made the decision to enlist the services of Tam at Sleep Works.

We didn’t know what to expect at first, but we knew we had to try something. This is easily one of the best decisions we have made. Tam is an expert in her field. Her knowledge and experience have been exceptional. From her pre-training plan, to implementing Jack’s new sleep training routine, Tam was there with us every step of the way. If we ever had a slight regression or hiccup with the plan, we could always count on Tam to answer our questions and give her professional opinion on what she felt would help each scenario best.

Her attentiveness and dedication to Jack’s sleep training was what truly blew us away. She truly cares about the results, whilst always being mindful of our needs &/or concerns. Tam never forced us to do anything we weren’t comfortable doing, which we think is the key to the overall success of the training. We were able to choose a plan that suited our needs best and we stuck to it as a team. As a bonus Tam was also really nice, friendly and super easy to get along with.  

Tam, we have really appreciated all your help and guidance through Jack’s sleep training journey. It would have been easy to ‘fall off the wagon’ without your knowledge & persistence. I remember saying to you early on that we needed to “trust the process” (to which you wholeheartedly agreed) and sure enough, that trust has been rewarded - Jack is now an amazing sleeper! He now sleeps through every night from 6.15pm until 7am and has three set naps during the day which he has taken to like a duck to water.

We will happily recommend you to our friends and family; we’ve already started passing on your details in fact!

Much love from our family to yours.”


kimmy Muncaster

“When our little Maxwell was 5 months old, I was living in a complete sleep deprived haze.

He was waking every hour during the night, and would only nap 45 minutes at a time during the day. This resulted in a very over-tired screaming baby every evening, who was impossible to convince to go to sleep. It was really, really, hard work.

A friend suggested I gave Tam a call, and I’m so glad I listened. 

Within days Max was sleeping at least 8 hours in a row. DAYS. It took ME longer to adjust to sleeping that long! Now, approaching 6 months old, he sleeps 12-13hrs solidly every night. He naps 2hrs in the middle of the day and he is such a happy, well-rested, little boy. 

Tamara’s knowledge and support was absolutely game changing. We opted for a night visit but soon wished we had booked her for the overnight visit. That first night of training is hard work and having Tamara beside you makes it so much easier. Also, I had so many questions and she had so many answers! The two weeks of follow up support was incredibly valuable. I felt like she was there with me every step of the way, and no question was too silly. 

Tamara really customised a sleep plan for Maxwell, making minute changes whenever he did. I feel so confident going forward with the knowledge of how Maxwell’s sleep should look, and what to do when it doesn’t always go to plan. 

Tamara is nothing short of a miracle worker.

If you want to reclaim your sanity - give her a call.”


sophia & thane kirby

“Tam is a miracle worker.

When we arrived home from six months of travel along with hectic business schedules and three kids, sleep routines were out of sync.

I went from feeding through the night and constant wakings giving me 3hrs sleep a night, to full 12 hrs and no night feedings within two weeks.

Our family has more time for each other, less stress and simple, effective schedules that work for us.

Tam’s approach was collaborative, supportive and by giving us an insight into the science of sleep we gained knowledge of what our daughter needs to have successful sleep long term.

Using Sleep Works was nothing short of the best money I have ever spent and I highly recommend using Tam to achieve the sleep routines that best suit your family!”


zoe martin

“Tam changed our lives within a couple of weeks!

Our son was 5 and a half month old when I reached out to Tam, I couldn’t carry on the way we were and I was ready for change.

We were trying to transition Archer out of a swaddle and he was either rocked of feed to sleep. It was taking me hours to get Archer to sleep during the day, for him to only have 25min naps. At night time he was waking anywhere from 30min to 2 hours and it could take me a couple of hours to resettle him sometimes. He also had a very late bed time, where he would fight feeding and me and my husband would have to tag team to get him to sleep, only for him to wake up 40 minutes later.

Within just a few days of working with Tam our son could self soothe, resettle himself, he was having 2 hour lunch naps, he had an early bed and he slept more than 2 hours in a row at night time. 

Me and my husband had never had our evenings to wind down and bed time was always our hardest part of the day after a very long day. Evenings/bedtime is now our easiest part of the day and Archer only wakes once in the night to feed.

Tam was absolutely amazing. She offered so much support and is so knowledgeable. She really changed our lives for the better, from the very first nap she helped us with. 

I couldn’t have picked a better person to help us get Archers sleep and feeding back on track!

If your hesitating to do something about your children’s sleep, don’t! Make the call to Tam now, I wish that we had done it so much sooner!”


stacey macdonald

“I was at home with a 2 year old boy and my 7 month old twin boys when I was at my wits end with the twins’ sleep, it had got out of control. 

My eldest boy was amazing but struggling with the limited time I had free to play with him. 

I was struggling with Henry's cat napping, Oscar's feeding/patting/shushing to sleep and the night feeds which at best was every 3 hours.

Tam was amazing.

I am based 3 hours away from her and after enquiring into our daily routine - or lack of - and asking very thorough questions about what I was comfortable with and what the boys needed, came up with an incredible new plan and training method. 

This method was incredible and the boys were sleeping by day 2 with the easiest transition I got have ever expected. Weren't waking for night feeds which allowed me to enjoy great feeding again and I got one on one time back with my 2 year old. Tam was available by phone and responded so promptly that I felt so supported the whole time. 

After 2 weeks of training the boys routine was well established and then we went caravanning at the beach for 10 days. However we stuck to the routine and other than the odd adjustment the boys slept through the night still. I couldn't believe it.

Tam was understanding, supportive, knowledgeable and so lovely. I have recommended her time an time again as she helped our family immensely.”


christina & baby preston

“Our baby Preston was never a bad sleeper to start with, we had the odd regression at 4 months but it was always manageable. It wasn’t until around 6-7 months when he really started to refuse to sleep so we began to rock him, also providing him a dummy to help him settle. 

Unfortunately, he began to associate the two with sleep and with multiple wake ups at night, we were doing 30 mins to an hour of rocking and dummy runs every night, sometimes he still refuses to sleep!

The day naps were not any better either. During one of my MANY break downs and sleep deprived moments I found Sleep Works online and decided to give Tam a call. 

Tam was awesome, even with the awkward timing of Christmas and New Years coming up, she still agreed to help us. After our first call I was already feeling a lot better and confident that we have found the right person to help us.

Tam made a real effort to understand our baby, she asked us about Preston’s current day/night schedule, sleep environment and nutrition. When she visited our place she reviewed Preston’s room and provided tips and helped us make the room a better sleep environment for him. She also provided us a revised day/night schedule and very useful nutrition information which can help him self settle and sleep longer. All of this was put into practice when she walked us through his first sleep training over his noon nap. I was so surprised that by night time, Preston managed to self settle to sleep!

During the training weeks there were some days where Preston took longer to settle but Tam’s continuous support over the two weeks made it so much easier and by the end of it Preston was self settling through the day naps and overnight sleeps. 

Tam has so much knowledge in this area and I have learnt so much from her.  I cannot recommend Tam enough to any parents out there who are struggling to settle their baby to sleep.

To me, Tam provides a more holistic approach where she not only looks at the sleep issue itself, but questions other aspects which may affect the baby’s sleep such as the environment they are in and the amount of nutrition they are taking.

Thank you Tam for all the support you have provided to our little family!! ”


candace galloway

“Tam’s support, knowledge and amazing communication has been invaluable to our little family.

Our daughter was very much the worst sleeper. For 9 months we endured endless nights of feeding, rocking and singing her to sleep. We also tightly swaddled her and re-wrapped her when she broke out of this.

All these tiring efforts we to achieve a stretch of sleep no longer than 5 hours at best, before we had to do it again (often all of this failed).

My husband and I functioned on about 5-6 hours of sleep per night and told ourselves this was good - but it 100% wasn’t.

I contacted Tam and asked if she had worked with older babies who were still swaddled and she responded quickly and assured me this could be done. 

And she was right! The night Tam came for the visit we had my daughter sleeping within 30 mins (I envisioned hours of sleep training) but she took to this so well.

Tam supported me via text through every sleep, we were in constant contact and I really needed that. By night 3 our daughter had dropped her night feed and was sleeping though the night - like actually 12-13 hours. This had NEVER happened before. 

It has been a month since working with the wonderful Tam and our daughter is still on track despite teething, a leap and being on holiday. She now loves to be put down in her cot and happily sleeps. 

Our daughter is noticeably more vibrant as she is well rested. And so are we. This could not have been achieved without the constant support from Tam. We are very grateful and thankful for your passion in what you do Tam.”


danielle, tim and jamie

“Rewind 2 weeks ago: we were absolutely shattered. On our last leg and felt there was no hope in getting more than 1-2 hour sleep intervals throughout the night.

I was rather skeptical about Sleep Consultants in general but felt we needed to give it a go, we had no where else to turn.

After initially chatting to Tam on the phone I felt a glimmer of hope, but surely she couldn’t fix our 7 month old sons sleep? We were all too far gone right? WRONG ... Tam literally changed.our.lives!

On our first night our son had the longest sleep in his little life. And it only got better from there. It was hard work but so well worth it. By night 5 our son was sleeping through the night all on his own! 12 - 13 hours!

Tam taught us so much about sleep that we had no idea about. She also helped us with our entire day routine including all nutrition and day naps. Tam guided us through our days as needed and no question went unanswered.

Tam truly went above and beyond for our family and we cannot express our gratitude any more. Last night we were discussing the possibility of getting grandma in to baby sit for us whilst we head out on date night ... this is our new reality ... something we weren’t able to even think of before!

Thanks again for everything!”


elyse, craig and lincoln

“Tam was the best thing to ever come into our lives (apart from our son of course).

With the exclusion of a few nights, our 6 month old son Lincoln had never slept more than 3 hour stretches at night and only cat napped in the day. He was never overly interested in food or breastmilk and as a result, was gaining weight at a slow pace. We put this down to him just not having a big appetite, but once we noticed that he was starting to not thrive as well as we believed he should be and was starting to wake every hour at night, we knew we needed help.

I felt instant relief after even just speaking on the phone with Tam and couldn’t wait to get the sleep training under way. We discussed what we were and were not comfortable doing and formed a plan based around our values. Not only did Tam give us a routine, she also assessed and adjusted Lincoln’s sleeping environment and helped with the nutritional side of things. 

Within the first night Lincoln was down to 1 feed and from then on has no longer woken for night feeds. He has fully learnt the ability to self settle, resulting in him sleeping through the night and having a solid nap in the day. All done with gentle techniques. His eating has easily doubled and he is gaining weight beautifully. My once overtired baby is now a happy, thriving and satisfied little boy within 1 week. 

Being able to go to bed at night and know that I will be going to have a full nights sleep and have the energy to be the best mum I can be the next day, has been life changing. 

Tam's knowledge, guidance and incredible communication has been above and beyond and I will/already have recommend her to anyone having issues with their little one in a heartbeat.”

Testimonial - Shelley.JPG

Shelley Hollows

"Tam helped me with my son who after a difficult labour and a long period in hospital with an infection spent all his asleep time in the day on myself or my partner because we were too scared to leave him alone for the first 10 weeks. This resulted in a very 'wired' baby who was power napping and snack feeding. This impacted on my milk supply and I was worried about the impact the lack of sleep was having on his development.

Tam warned me that at 3 months it would not be easy to teach my son to sleep, but it was possible. With plenty of guidance, great communication and support from Tam, I had my son sleeping at his designated times and he was is a much happier baby as a result. It was also great to be able to have time to myself and catch up on housework!

Tam helped me with the developmental stages over the next 3 months which was great for me, because despite having looked after newborns and thinking I knew it all, I struggled with making decisions regarding what was best for my baby.

I am so happy I persisted with the sleep training, my baby goes to sleep when he is meant to and only occasionally wakes for a feed during the night. It is reassuring to know that I am in tune with my baby's needs now he is in a routine, and the sense of achievement when a good routine is set is a great feeling and something I feel proud of.

Tam is passionate about sleep training and has great knowledge and an understanding of how difficult the first few months with a new baby are. I highly recommend Tam to any parent wanting help to get their baby in to a good routine."


charlotte tucker

"Tam was an absolute god send for us and our 7 month old daughter Ava.

Ava was still waking multiple times every night, we struggled to get bottles into her, she wasn’t a very big fan of food and had a few health issues.  Tam came over to do a consult, and after getting clearance from the Dr, we could do sleep training.

Tam is the most patient, kind and understanding person I have ever meet.  No question was unanswered and I felt so comfortable and confident when we started to do the sleep training as she was there for support and checked in often to see how we were doing.

Within 3 days we had seen a massive change in Ava, within a few more days she was actually sleeping through the night. When you have a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old that was waking all hours of the night it was exhausting for all of us, we all became such a happier and well rested family.  Ava is now 2 and still loves her sleep and absolutely loves food.

We owe Tam more than she will ever know and I couldn't recommend her more highly. She is such a kind, humble, genuine person who has the biggest heart."

Testimonial - Julie.JPG

julie cullen

"Tamara has changed our world!! From the moment I contacted her about my daughter's sleep issue's I felt relived that I had found someone that was truly listening to me and my concerns, and at the same time so excited to start our sleep training.

Tamara is so kind and gentle in the way she approaches sleep training but is also firm when it comes to being consistent with the technique we had chosen. We love that about her! 

We learnt that is wasn't only our daughter that would be doing the sleeping training but myself and my husband as well, we were to be our daughters teacher's. 

Tamara was at hand when ever we needed her. Whether it be a quick question via text or a worried Mummy phone call in a panic needing reassuring about what cry means what. I was always left feeling confident after we spoke. And now our training has finished and our daughter is sleeping so well I feel that I will have that confidence with our next baby.

Tamara gave us the skills to teach our daughter something that we take for granted - to be able to self sooth and settle on her own. I will never be able to thank her enough!!"


Adrianne & madelaine herrod

"Our two year old son had never self settled or slept the night through, nor had my wife and I slept in the same bed for close to 12 months until we met Tamara.

Not only did she give us a range of options, but she came into our home and tailored a method to suite our needs. The one on one time she spent with us elated any fear of the unknown, reassured our self confidence in being able to achieve the seemingly impossible and showed us how to use our house as a weapon of sleep.  She explained the process to us, clearly demonstrating years of experience, and changed us from desperate to empowered overnight.

Tamara was always on hand to assist and guide us through the process and although it was only my wife and I that did the work, you always felt like Tamara was right there with you the entire way. In just two weeks we’d gone from co-sleeping to self settling and sleeping the whole night through for 12 hours.

Tamara has changed our lives forever and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve already got a long list of people wanting to use her based on our outcome ... she's going to be a busy woman!

Thanks again Tam, we really are over the moon and we got there in less than three weeks."


rachael wilson

“Tam has been amazing in helping me understand my newborn and how much sleep she needs.

She taught me how to guide my newbie into peaceful slumber whilst I was also still caring for a toddler. 

My daughter is now almost 8 months old and is in a fantastic routine with her sleeps and feeds, and so am I! 

Tam has been on Skype for me and responds promptly to my questions and queries even tho there is an 11 hour time difference between us, as we live in London.

Thank you Tam, you're my sleep angel! xx”

Amy H.jpg

amy hamilton

"I first contacted Tamara when my son was 8 months old. By this point I thought he would be sleeping through, but instead he was waking frequently through the night and having to be fed back to sleep EVERY time (first wake up would sometimes be a hour or two after first going down) and napping for 30 minutes during the day. had decided enough was enough I was sick of going to bed early and avoiding going out with friends after dark because I knew it was going to be another night of frequent wakings. 

When Tamara come over for the consultation she was very professional, helpful and supportive, she explained everything in detailed and answered all of my concerns and questions, by the time she left I was feeling very confident to start.

I received Brody's routine and put it into place shortly after. It was a 5 day and night plan to eventually night wein. When I showed my partner the plan he couldn't believe it would only take 5 nights to night wein and have a baby that sleeps through. 

I was nervous and excited to put the routine into place, but was glad Tamara was there any time of the day to message for support if I had any questions. 
After the first night my son slept through all night - I couldn't believe it, I thought it must be a fluke, but it wasn't.

He has slept though every night since then (its been about 3 months) and was fully off night feeds by the 4th night. My son responded to well to the sleep plan and we are now all enjoying full nights sleep. 

I would recommend Tamara to anyone. I am very thankful for her help."

Lauryn S.jpg

lauryn stanlake

"I am a stay at home mum with a 26 week old son. My husband works one week on and one week off alternating day and night shifts. I was beyond tired and simply did not know what to do.

Cooper would only sleep on me during the day, which meant I had no time to myself at all and could not get anything around the house done. During the night he would start off in his cot and then eventually sleep in our bed because I couldn’t deal with the constant getting up to him between 5-15 times a night! When I co-slept I could just feed him straight back to sleep. During this time he would not settle for my husband despite trying numerous times. I was actually angry with my husband sometimes – why did it always have to be me! We were in a downward spiral and we were all sleep deprived.

So enough was enough. I knew something had to be done! I was put in contact with Tamara by a friend in my Mother’s group – she had had great success with her little boy. This is when our lives started to change. Tamara went through absolutely everything that I needed to know to get my baby to sleep! So many things that didn’t even cross my mind that contribute to a sleeping baby! She was with me every step of the way and devoted much of her time to helping me, checking in throughout the day. She also gave us a fantastic routine to use and follow.

My life has now changed. I don’t get anxiety at bedtime like I used to. Cooper wakes up 3-4 times a night but I only have to get up once or twice. Day sleeps are also in his cot and he is having a morning nap and a big afternoon nap (something he had never done!) Mostly importantly - he goes to sleep on his own! I don't have to rock, feed, pat him to sleep at all! I have some much needed time to myself and can finally get some housework done!

I just regret I did not contact Tamara sooner. Her knowledge and support is amazing and the regular check-ins reassure you are not doing it alone. I have learnt more in the last week than I have in the whole six months my son has been with us! The difference a well slept baby has made to our lives is beyond amazing!!! Tamara saved me and I will be eternally grateful!"

Wendy L.jpg

Wendy lovegrove

"Tamara was an absolute life saver for my little boy and I.  He was phasing out of his newborn sleeping patterns and had decided to stop sleeping during the day all together.  As a first time mother I had no idea what to do or who to ask for help.  Tam talked me through how much sleep Lochie needed at 4 weeks old and helped me create a better sleeping environment and routine.

Within a few days Lochie was napping more frequently, feeding better and was a far more settled content baby.  I’ve been following her routines for a year now and couldn’t be happier.

I honestly can't speak highly enough of Tam, you'll understand exactly what I mean after you get in touch with her."

Lizzie G.jpg

lizzie gooding

"I just wanted to write to say how much I have valued Tamara's knowledge, professionalism, support and encouragement. 

I know Tamara has years of experience through nannying and being a Mum but you can clearly see from her quick and effective responses to issues how much knowledge she has on hand from these experiences and her course.

Tamara has gone above and beyond in her support of Oliver and I and I can't thank her enough.

What I really appreciated was the time Tamara took to answer my questions ... I really wanted to know why I was doing things and Tamara always explained. This enabled me to fully understand and keep on track with the program.  She has imparted knowledge and strategies so that i can adjust things myself if we have a day where things don't quite go to plan, gradually releasing from the support Tamara has provided.

Suffering from Depression and anxiety, sleep deprivation had me to the stage of going back to the dr to look at medication to help as I wasn't coping, now I am getting Sleep and am more chilled out making Oliver and I much happier and keeping on track without medication.

Kalgoorlie is a small place and everyone knows everyone.  I messaged a friend to say I couldn't meet up as I was sleep training and explained I had some support.  Her response was ..."is that with Tamara ... she is awesome as she helped my friend with her toddler" so everyone thinks Tamara is great!

I really wanted to write this email as I know Tamara receives satisfaction from helping and doing her job but I  know, from my work, how nice it is to be recognised for your hard work.

I could write a million other things about how great Tam is, but I think I have got down the main details."