We are certified sleep consultants

what we do

Sleep is the key to a happy family, and it's our mission to provide clients with the knowledge and skills to turn your baby or toddler's bad sleeping habits into positive habits that will last a lifetime. 

By providing you with a tailor-made sleep solution package suitable for your family's unique needs, our gentle techniques will turn your dream of getting a good night's sleep into reality.


who we help

Are you currently in the depths of sleep deprivation?  Are you a parent of a baby or toddler who just isn't getting the sleep they need? 

Are you struggling with any of these common sleep issues?

  • early morning wake-ups.

  • difficult toddler evenings

  • nap transitions/self-settling

  • cat naps

  • sleep routines/schedules

  • cot to bed transitions

  • newborn sleep

  • sleep associations

Whatever your child's sleep issue, Sleep Works has a sleep solution to suit.

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how we work

Step 1:  Free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your baby or child's sleeping issues.

Step 2:  Choose a package that suits your current needs and budget best.

Step 3:  This is where the magic happens.  Sleep Works will put together tailor-made solution package with techniques that feel right to you.

Either by phone or in your home, Sleep Works provides you the knowledge and hands-on guidance to get your child self settling and sleeping well.  Some of the changes you'll need to make won't be easy - but they'll be worth it.

Step 4:  Your baby is now sleeping well - YOU'RE sleeping well too.  What a turn-around - great work!  You can now begin to fully enjoy that well-rested, settled and happier wee one you love so much.

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our story

Internationally certified infant and child sleep consultant Tamara Bruce always knew she'd work with children. 

Tam has a passion for helping families and supporting children through their early years of life, and after spending fifteen years working closely with newborns and toddlers as a sole charge nanny, Tam and hubby Pete decided to start a family of their own.

Upon welcoming two gorgeous children into her family, Tam found her previous experience as a nanny helped her better understand her two very different babies with their very different sleeping struggles.  Any spare time Tam had whilst at home with her babies was spent passing on her knowledge to friends at coffee groups and play-dates.

Tamara loved that she was making such positive impacts in other family's lives, and in 2016 she completed her formal training to become a certified infant and child sleep consultation through Baby Sleep Consultants Ltd.

Sleep Works was officially launched in early 2018 as Tam feels strongly that all mothers, their babies - the whole family in fact! - should be well rested and supported during the stressful (and sometimes lonely) periods when your baby just won't settle.  

Tam now takes great pleasure in doing what she does best - providing families with tailor-made sleep solution packages for their young ones in order for EVERYONE to be getting a good night's sleep.  

Are you ready to start the journey to achieve the sleep that you and your baby deserve?

Contact Tam today for your free 15 minute phone consultation.


Tamara Bruce - Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant


Our philosophy

  • By allowing a child to learn how to sleep independently, you are starting healthy sleeping habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Every child deserves to sleep well, and CAN sleep well.

  • Sleep is vital for our children in terms of their ongoing development, mood, behaviour and personality.

  • Every family's situation is different. That's why Sleep Works will educate each family differently. Together we will choose an approach that best works for you and your child.

  • It is a misconception that sleep training means letting your baby or child cry it out. Rest assured, the method and advice provided to you will be tailored to your unique situation. Sleep Works does not believe in a one size fits all solution.

  • Successfully changing a baby or child's sleep habits can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days, and at times can take up to 3 weeks depending on the method chosen. It can often be a difficult journey for both parent and child. This is why we strongly believe follow-up support is just as valuable as the advice itself, and why we go above and beyond for our clients. Sleep Works will be with you every step of the way in ensuring you are not left wondering what to do next.

  • Sleep is the key to a happy family!


our techniques

Sleep Works specialise in working one-on-one with families to formulate sleep solutions suitable for all unique family dynamics.

Providing hands-on support, comfort and guidance in our client's homes is our preferred way of working with families.  This absolutely ensures the best results.

Families have the choice of either an 'in the room' gentle hands-on approach where you are emotionally supporting your child throughout sleep training, or alternatively the more traditional 'out of the room' spaced soothing technique where you comfort and support your child with timed pop-ins.

Whatever the technique that best suits your family, naturally there will be some protest from your child.  This is natural and to be expected.  Together we can implement changes which will achieve the sleep both you and your child deserves.

If you'd like to discuss our techniques further then do not hesitate to contact us. 


Is sleep training for you?

The best way to decide if sleep training is suitable for you and your family is to simply give us a call.

Sleep Works offer a free no obligation 15 minute phone consultation where we can talk about your child's current sleep situation and discuss possible solutions.